Sanner Amiko collaboration in digital healthcare to improve patient adherence to inhaled drug delivery systems

collaboration in digital healthcare

Sanner Amiko collaboration in digital healthcare sector, inks strategic partnership

Are you ready to solve your respiratory issues with the use of your smartphone and sensors?

IBM Watson AI XPRIZE annual Milestone Award 2017 1st prize winner Amiko-London based smart sensors and AI company collaborated with German company Sanner GmbH- which is a drug delivery system manufacturer to enhance the challenges of medication adherence. Amiko is a startup company that leverages connected inhaler-Respiro with the use of Artificial Intelligence and smart sensors.

Both the companies have shown their co-operation at Pharma pack Europe in order to develop smart add-on solution for drug delivery systems.

Amiko receives funds from Sanner Ventures which a parent company of Sanner GmbH. Amiko will use this fund to improve the app suite Respiro-a revolutionary respiratory management device.

Sanner GmbH with the help of Amiko startup would provide customized add on to their pharmaceutical clients. They will achieve this as Amiko has its patented sensor technology along with developments in AI. Dirk Mähr-Managing Director of Sanner GmbH says, “Sanner has profound experience in moisture protection solutions and custom-made primary plastic packaging, as well as in design for manufacturing and industrialization of drug delivery systems.” He further said, “Together with Amiko’s digital Respiro Platform and unique sensor technology, we will transform our synergies into smart solutions for true medication adherence in respiratory care.”

Amiko’s revolutionary product Respiro recently received CE mark as it enables real-time monitoring of patient health along with the use of medicines.

The product is responsible for facilitating medication adherence, which is achieved by its Sense sensors. Respiro is attached to dry powder inhalers thereby telling the patient right technique of using the medicine.

Suilio Macchi-CEO and Co-Founder of Amiko said, “Our digital health tools assist healthcare professionals and empower patients to achieve better respiratory treatment results.”He further added, “Together with Sanner we will advance our mission to upgrade respiratory care, improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of care for pulmonary diseases via AI-powered mobile health solutions.”

Amiko’s Respiro platform will also monitor lung functioning and its diseases. This is the revolutionary product of Asthma and Pulmonary disease patients.

The easy to use app will enable the patients to track their health with reference to medication adherence. The startup is not having their operations in the US but they do have enterprise and individuals customers from France, Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, and the Netherlands. Christian Schierholz-venture associate at Sanner Ventures during last month’s funding announcement said,“the platform’s cost efficiency and flexibility make it “ideally suited for both add-on and integrated modules.” Amiko has its competitors such as Propeller Health in the US.

Another Competitor being Adherium in New Zealand. Amiko needs to strive hard to provide better digital health services. The team is trying hard to enhance their product by adding more features essential for lung disease patients. In 2015 Gecko-paediatric inhaler company was acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals whereas, in 2014, Inspiro-and smart inhaler company was acquired by Opko. However, Adherium works extensively with AstraZeneca.

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